The Rock Your Dummy! First Prize will provide the winner the chance to realize his/her dummy as a photobook. The winner will work hand to hand with Maria Books, the latest publishing project of Le PhotobookFest, in order to launch a brand new photobook with a special event in Arles 2015.

All photobook dummies shortlisted for the Rock Your Dummy! First Prize will be exhibited during Le PhotobookFest at 19 rue Bisson 75020 Paris (L’Ancienne Imprimerie/ Picture Tank). The shortlist will be announced at the beginning of November. You will be approached by email if your dummy has been selected.

The winner among the shortlisted will be selected by a jury comprising some major names on the photobook scene (Veronica Fieiras &Huseynov, Riot Books; Giuliana Prucca, Avarie Publishing; Elena Kholkina, winner of the Rock Your Dummy! 2013; Juan Cires & Ricardo Garrido of the Madrid Photobook Club; Emilie Hallard & Pablo Porlan, Le PhotobookFest) during Le PhotobookFest and presented on Sunday 16th November during the closing party at 43 rue des Couronnes 75020 Paris (Le bar Floréal).

Public can vote for the Box of Dummies Award among all photobook dummies shortlisted and exhibited during Le PhotobookFest. As a result of that vote, one dummy will be sent to the “Box of Dummies” , an itinerant showcase travelling through the branches of the Photobook Club network all over the world.


you can check his project here :

The Public Prize goes to Tatyana Blinova for Dictionnaire des arts with a special mention to Florence Galand for Arbre || Pierre || Nuage

Congratulations for your fantastic dummies !!

Aleksandr Gorbunov, Practice
Anastasiya Lazurenko, Pearly Gates
Annakarin Quinto, No borders for dee(/a}rs
Arianna M. Sanesi, Nou Nou
Bérangère Fromont, Cosmos
Charity Thomas, Ripples
Chiara Bandino, Life is a Song
Christina Stohn, Probe [until unproductive] Collectif La Grotte, Déflagration
Daniels Mekšs, Underwater Trees
David Fathi, Anecdotal
Fedor Shklyaruk, On Aether
Florence Galand, Arbre || Pierre || Nuage
Helena Rovira + Noe Lavado , ¿Vas a algún sitio o simplemente vas?
Ilaria Di Biagio, The Thin Line
Jana Romanova, Azbuka. The Alphabet of Shared Words.
Kiiro, White Star
Laura Lafon, You could even die for not being a real couple
Léo-Paul Ridet & Fabien Roché, Size Matters
Luisa Hübner, Interference
Made No, Recomposition Note
Maria Pleshkova, Still Waters Run Deep
Matthias Pasquet, Recherche en archéologie préventive
Chloé Meunier, Marilyn
Philipp Beloborodoff, Ticket
Ricardo Gutierrez, Al este del eden
Tatyana Blinova, Dictionnaire des arts
Timur Yüksel, Take a closer look
Valentina Ghiringhelli, Des sons venus de nulle part
Yannick Labrousse, La Transversale

“Winning Rock your dummy! contest in 2013 was a great and exciting experience. My book Did we ever meet? got a lot of exposure and has been since exhibited in Europe and Russia. I got a chance to talk about the dummy with experts from the book business. I’ve reedited it to be able to self-publish it independently and do the whole process from printing to binding at home. Thank you so much guys, and good luck to all the contestants this year!!”
Lena Kholkina, Winner of the Rock Your Dummy Award

“I took part in the first edition of Le PhotobookFest with my dummy “Dispersal”, I got an honorable mention, and I must confess it took me by surprise. I regret I wasn’t even there when they announced it, cause the atmosphere was at the same time cool, relaxed, and perfect to share books and ideas. A little gem in Paris Photo frenzy. Suddenly, my “book” (which looks more like a box) got noticed, it drew attention, and I could hear feedbacks and comments. I am sure it is also because of Le PhotobookFest that it is now almost sold out, and I wish to be part again of this cool new baby among festivals!”
Arianna Sanesi, Honourable Mention